Sophisticated Anti-Forensic Tactics and How To Spot Them

Investigative research into anti-forensics tactics Kroll experts have observed in ongoing incident response investigations.

Based on Kroll’s experience through thousands of incident response engagements, our experts have observed an uptick in the usage of anti-forensics tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to circumvent internal security teams and their detection solutions. Anti-forensics are often used by adversaries to hide their activity either by the concealment, manipulation or deletion of their movement within a victim’s system or network infrastructure. These techniques can be difficult to spot for cybersecurity analysts without proper training and experience in detection, as anti-forensic TTPs tend to require more vigilance to spot them during an incident response investigation.

This series focuses on the many variants of anti-forensic tradecraft commonly used by threat actors including detecting timestomping, clearing event logs, alternate data streams (ADS) and disabling antivirus. Our experts dive into what each of the anti-forensics TTPs mean and explain the level of impact each can cause for a cybersecurity analyst during an investigation.

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