The Stocks, Bonds, Bills, and Inflation® (SBBI®) Yearbook has been the definitive annual resource for historical U.S. capital markets data for over 30 years. The SBBI® Yearbook is based upon the work of Roger G. Ibbotson (Professor Emeritus of Finance at the Yale School of Management, former chairman and founder of Ibbotson Associates, Chairman, founder, and CIO of Zebra Capital), and Rex A. Sinquefield (co-founder of Dimensional Fund Advisors, which today oversees more than $350 billion in global assets).

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The 2020 SBBI® Yearbook includes returns, index values, and statistical analyses of U.S. large company stocks, small company stocks, long-term corporate bonds, long-term government bonds, intermediate-term government bonds, U.S. Treasury bills, and inflation from January 1926 to present (monthly).

Anyone serious about investments or investing needs an appreciation of capital market history. Such an appreciation, which can be gained from this book, is equally valuable to the individual and institutional investor, practitioners and scholars in finance, economics, and business; portfolio strategists; and security analysts seeking to benchmark their own investment performance. The SBBI® Yearbook is a thinking person’s guide to using historical data to understand the financial markets and make decisions.

 Duff & Phelps 2020 SBBI® Yearbook

To purchase the 2020 SBBI® Yearbook, visit:

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