Mon, Oct 3, 2022

Case Study: Enhanced Due Diligence with a Dedicated Team


A multinational financial services company had been leveraging a large internal team supplemented with external contractors to perform enhanced due diligence on their clients and third parties. They were looking to save a minimum of 50% on these costs by outsourcing and centralizing the work with a single provider.

Kroll Solution:

Kroll’s Compliance Risk and Diligence team offered a flexible and fast customized solution to meet their requirements, helping them save more than 50% on their costs in the first three years of the contract. Key to our success was creating a fully dedicated client service team and sending Kroll employees to their offices in Tampa, London, Mexico City and Hong Kong to help with project implementation and client relationship building. Kroll has catered to a wide range of bank clients operating in investment banking, private wealth management, third-party risk management, and real estate investment and management.

The client has used Kroll reports for IPO and special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) transactions, onboarding of high-net-worth individuals, vendor and supplier vetting and risk management, and community and small-business investments and partnerships around the world, including in the U.S., Brazil, Dubai and Singapore. Kroll has also regularly advised the financial institution on new investigations capabilities, regulatory changes and risk trends on the market, drawing on years of experience working with many Fortune 500 companies. Kroll is currently helping its client automate internal processes pertaining to due diligence investigations, which will allow for a more efficient utilization of their human and technological resources.

Client Quotes:

Global Due Diligence Program Manager: “I really admire [Kroll’s] professionalism, due diligence expertise and outstanding client service.”

Managing Director and Global Head of Investigations: “We have all enjoyed working with the Kroll team. We’ve made great progress together. We’re looking forward to building on what we’ve already established across the enterprise.”

Compliance Risk and Diligence

The Kroll Investigations, Diligence and Compliance team partners with clients to anticipate, detect and manage regulatory and reputational risks associated with global ethics and compliance obligations.

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Comprehensive spectrum of background checks, screening and due diligence services.

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Kroll helps clients navigate the complexities of today’s regulatory environment through a broad suite of anti-money laundering compliance screening and due diligence offers.