Fri, Aug 19, 2022

Case Study: Asset Tracing and Recovery

The Issue

Our client, a global financial institution, faced the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars from its investment in a loan portfolio after the seller of the loans had defaulted. The default created heightened business, reputational, legal and regulatory risks. Debtors held assets through dozens of corporate and affiliated entities and had avoided making payments on substantial monetary judgments obtained against them in the past.

Kroll Solution

Kroll conducted an asset search of the borrowers and assisted in tracing the loan proceeds using a sophisticated mapping of real property across dozens of jurisdictions, using data analytics and visualizations. Our comprehensive findings informed the client’s negotiation strategy, as well as its efforts to restructure and recover some of the debt.

Our team then completed a complex restructuring and liquidation of the problematic loans to mitigate losses to the client and its investors. We provided sophisticated research, analysis, and data analytic and visualization tools to assist in asset identification and recovery. We also helped the client develop and execute its negotiation strategy with the debtors, supporting various theories of liability against the debtors, which provided strategic leverage in ongoing debt and restructuring negotiations.

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