This paper provides an overview of the infrastructure sector in Brazil and assesses the current landscape of opportunities that may be available to private capital investors. We examine Brazil’s level of infrastructure investment relative to other emerging economies and review potential needs by subsector. We also highlight certain actions, developments and programs that have aimed to support private investment within the sector and review key characteristics of infrastructure investments that attract interest in the asset class globally.

Additionally, we present recent updates regarding the projects in development through the Brazilian Government Investments Partnerships Program.

Brazil’s Infrastructure Landscape 2022 /en/insights/publications/brazil-infrastructure-landscape-2022 /-/media/kroll-images/insights/feature-images/brazils-infrastructure-landscape-2022.png 2022-07-22T00:00:00.0000000 publication {796A58E9-D284-46A9-96EC-56B0D27685A6}{1F8452CE-BB02-4541-A705-86D25933687E}{8847FA30-EFEF-46AA-9E2E-9339A87ABAE6} {C709DABB-FEDB-4060-9674-41B14868A4CC}

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