Kroll's Security Concepts Podcast

Kroll’s Security Risk Management subject matter experts have come together, alongside special client guests, to host a podcast series discussing the world’s most pressing security challenges.

Security Concepts Podcast

Kroll’s Security Risk Management subject matter experts have come together, alongside special client guests, to host a podcast series discussing the world’s most pressing security challenges.

Our elite security leaders have extensive knowledge in all aspects of risk management. Topics range from ensuring the integrity of your supply chain to managing health checks upon returning to the office to enable you to understand and respond to risk in your workplace.

With global resources and cross-industry knowledge, our experts provide real, in-depth perspectives into what is pressing in the security industry through a series of 20-minute episodes.

Additionally, you can watch our experts discuss highlights from the podcasts and many other topics in our 2-minute talks by accessing Kroll’s Security Risk Management Video Library.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 21

Building an Effective Threat Management Program

Feb 14, 2023

by Jeff KernohanMatthew J. Dumpert Artem Sherman

Episode 20

Threat Management Programs on the College Campus: Assessing and Understanding Physical and Cyber Threats

Nov 04, 2022

by Jeff KernohanTimothy GallagherMatthew J. Dumpert Chris Palmadesso, Robert DiGenova

Episode 19

Retail Theft

Sep 15, 2022

by Daniel LinskeyJeff Kernohan

Episode 18

Police Reform: An Interview with Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon

Jun 30, 2022

by Daniel Linskey

Episode 17

Business Resiliency in Times of Conflict

Mar 30, 2022

by Nick DoyleMatthew J. Dumpert

Episode 16

Post-Pandemic Terrorism Threats and How Company Leaders Can Approach This Risk

Jan 04, 2022

by Matthew J. Dumpert Christopher Palmadesso

Episode 15

Global Supply Chain Theft Threatens Supply Chain Security: How Corporations Can Prepare and Protect

Dec 07, 2021

Episode 14

Providing Security Services to Family Offices and High-Net-Worth Individuals

Jul 25, 2021

by Matthew J. DumpertTodd Keil

Episode 13

Helping Private Equity Firms Understand Portfolio-Wide Risk

May 11, 2021

by John FriedlanderJeff Kernohan

Episode 12

Employee Training in a Virtual Environment

Mar 31, 2021

by Jeff Kernohan Pete Cronin

Episode 11

Multi-Faceted Investigation Methodology

Mar 07, 2021

by Marco De BernardinFrancesca CastelliNick Doyle

Episode 10

Policing in Today’s Society

Jan 31, 2021

by Daniel Linskey

Episode 9

Cannabis Industry Security

Jan 19, 2021

by Daniel Linskey

Episode 8

Access Controls

Jan 04, 2021

by John Friedlander

Episode 7

Return to Work Employee Training

Dec 20, 2020

by Jeff Kernohan

Episode 6

The Ongoing Impacts on Supply Chain Security

Dec 06, 2020

by Steven Palumbo

Episode 5

COVID-19 Workplace Success Stories – The Boston Beer Company

Nov 23, 2020

by Mary Ann Polad

Episode 4

The Virtualization of Corporate Security

Nov 08, 2020

by Nick Doyle

Episode 3

Protection of Vaccine Supply Chain

Oct 25, 2020

by Nick Doyle

Episode 2

Business and Personnel Security in Times of Social Unrest

Oct 12, 2020

by Daniel LinskeyMatthew J. Dumpert

Episode 1

Heightened Threats in Today’s Environment

Sep 28, 2020

by Matthew J. DumpertSherine Ebadi

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