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Cost of Capital Ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine War and Global Inflationary Pressures Podcast

Subject matter experts James Harrington and Carla Nunes, CFA, ABV, from Kroll’s Valuation Digital Solutions practice were keynote speakers at the 2022 AICPA & CIMA Forensic & Valuation Services Conference. During the conference, they were interviewed by Mark Smith, Director of Valuation Services, AICPA-CIMA. Carla and James discussed how we entered this unprecedented period in economic history. They also highlighted the cost of capital ramifications of Russia’s war on Ukraine, post-pandemic global inflationary pressures and more.

Cost of Capital Ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine War and Global Inflationary Pressures Podcast

The following points were discussed:

  • 2:37: How was cost of capital impacted by global economic and political changes since the outbreak of COVID-19?
  • 4:36: Shifting in the U.S. central bank’s stance in monetary policy: how have interest rates affected the U.S. financial markets in general?
  • 9:15: Uncertainty around when U.S. high interest rate hikes will peak. Building inflationary pressures had an impact on future interest rate policy and on long-term rates.
  • 14:59: The regime of artificially low interest rates in the U.S. is shifting. The Fed has held interest rates artificially low for years but that is changing. Risk-free rates are normalizing.
  • 25:13: While the entire globe is dealing with various crises, the U.S. market fundamentals are still positive. U.S. markets have still recovered at a faster pace than markets in other economies.
  • 26:15: The rise of private equity and venture capital benefits U.S. markets. M&A activity may still continue in the coming year.
  • 28:10: European’s economic dependence on Russia for energy and China’s ability to attract global investment inflows.
  • 30:52: Human innovation may help solve the energy problem.
  • 32:20: Trends for the future: ESG and impact on companies. Advisors will need to be prepared to deal with regulatory, taxation and other related changes.

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