Webinar Replay – Remote Data Triage with F-Response and KAPE

April 26, 2023 | (Online)
KAPE and F-Response Webinar | Cyber Risk | Kroll

Triage and data collection are a crucial part of a DFIR investigation. Tools like KAPE and F-Response can provide the DFIR professional essential tools to perform these tasks as efficiently as possible. Kroll Senior Vice President and KAPE creator/developer, Eric Zimmerman, will be joined by Matt Shannon, Founder of F-Response, to walk through these tools to show how they can seamlessly leverage each other to enhance an investigation.

This webinar covers:

  • Overview of KAPE
  • Overview of F-Response 
  • How to map a remote drive with F-Response
  • Ways to pull a triage package with KAPE
  • How to create an E01 via F-Response

Tools used in this session:

An enterprise license is required when KAPE is used on a third-party network and/or as part of a paid engagement. Read more here.

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