Webinar Replay – Agile Penetration Testing: Scaling Application Assessments

September 20, 2023
Webinar Replay: Agile Penetration Testing: Scaling Application Assessments

Are you rethinking your application security?

In recent years, organizations have adopted a “shift-left” approach to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities earlier in their software development lifecycle (SDLC). However, they often need to be augmented with assessment models that are more in tune with release schedules, especially in agile development environments.

Watch Kroll expert Rahul Raghavan, Senior Vice President, Cyber Risk, highlight how organizations can scale their application security assessments with agile penetration testing. In this webinar, Rahul discusses how CISOs, CTOs, product engineers and security leaders can elevate their security posture by integrating effective security testing within the agile development process.

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Key Takeaways

  • Unlocking Testing Efficiency
    Seamlessly integrate security testing into your agile development cycles, optimizing efficiency and reducing bottlenecks
  • Increasing Testing Depth and Frequency
    Moving beyond periodic assessments to continuous testing, thereby enhancing your ability to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in real time
  • Collaboration Between Engineering and Security
    Bridging the gap and fostering a culture of proactive security, streamlining communication and ensuring security is part of design through deployment
  • Leveraging Automation and Tools
    Discover how to leverage technology to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape while efficiently managing resources


Key Questions Asked in the Webinar

Organizations that get the best value and outcome from agile pentesting programs are those that have a high number of software (product) releases. While such teams may or may not strictly follow the principles of agile from a product engineering standpoint, they still need to ensure all software releases are vetted through a security lens.

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