Webcast Replay – Goodwill Impairment Testing in a Volatile Environment

December 7, 2022 | (Online)
Year-to-date goodwill impairments through October 2022 have increased significantly over the prior year in some regions due to markedly changed economic and geopolitical conditions (including a surge in inflation), higher discount rates, supply chain disruptions, lower forecasted profitability, exchange rate fluctuations and more. Goodwill impairment often garners the attention of both auditors and regulators and provides important information for investor decision-making.
Webcast Replay: Goodwill Impairment Testing in a Volatile Environment

In the current environment, there is even greater scrutiny on public companies to quantify and recognize goodwill impairments on a timely basis, both when identifying a triggering event and during the annual test. Getting the analysis right in the face of current market volatility can be challenging. In our recent webinar, Kroll experts shared their insights on the current trends we have observed in the year-to-date impairments taken by publicly traded companies and how they have been impacted by the current market environment. They also discussed some of the more challenging aspects of the goodwill impairment test, including:

  • Factors that may signal a triggering event
  • Developing cash-flow projections, including scenario analyses
  • Estimating an appropriate discount rate
  • Reconciling value conclusions, amidst market volatility
  • Similarities and differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS

Duration: 60 minutes

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  • Greg Franceschi, Managing Director, Valuation Services and Global Head of the Financial Reporting Practice and Office of Professional Practice
  • Carla Nunes, Managing Director, Valuation Digital Solutions and Office of Professional Practice
  • Gary Raichart, Managing Director, Valuation Services
  • James Palmer, Managing Director, Valuation Services

(Please note that Continuing Professional Education credit was only provided to those who attended the live webinar session.)

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