NED Webcast – Corporate Reputation - Part 1: External Threats March 22, 2021 Webcast

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In partnership with NEDA.

Join us for our three-part webcast series: Reputation, Reputation, Reputation – The Three Faces of Contemporary Risk Management, where Kroll and NEDA will be joined by a range of experts and seasoned Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) to discuss the current risk landscape and emerging threats/opportunities.

Reputation is everything, and as we contemplate life beyond COVID-19 crisis management, Kroll executives have been considering a range of contemporaneous risks that should be on every board’s agenda and how failure to consider them can impact a company’s corporate reputation. 

Relevant risks, in a material sense, are broadening in scope, and shareholders want much more discussion initially, with both the key executives (the CEO/Financial Director) and with the NEDs. However, there is often a perception that day-to-day controls executed by executive management are in place, when in fact, the controls are not tested and when a crisis hits unexpectedly, they prove to be inadequate.

In our first webcast, External Threats, led by NEDA Chair Graham Durgan, speakers from Infinite Global, a Portfolio NED and Kroll will share recent insights and experience. 

Watch the replay here.

Discussion Topics

  • How boards are coping with reputational risks related to brand and social media
  • Latest attacks from organized criminal networks
  • Internet-based misinformation/disinformation attacks


  • Graham Durgan, Chair, NEDA
  • Neil Kirton, Regional Managing Director, EMEA, Kroll
  • Zoë Newman, Managing Director and Co-Head of Financial Investigations, Kroll
  • Ryan McSharry, Head of Crisis and Litigation, Infinite Global
  • Alla Bashenko, Portfolio NED and Risk and Compliance Committee Member
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