NED Webcast – Corporate Reputation - Part 2: How Boards Are Dealing with Threats from Within?

June 10, 2021
| ( Online )
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In collaboration with NEDA.

Join us for part two of our three-part webinar series, Reputation … Reputation … Reputation – The Three Faces of Contemporary Risk Management, where Kroll and NEDA will engage with experts and seasoned non-executive directors (NEDs) to discuss the current risk landscape and emerging threats/opportunities.

In part two of the series, Expecting the Unexpected… How Are Boards Dealing with the Risks and Threats They Face from Within, NEDA Chair Graham Durgan will lead a discussion with speakers from Kroll and the Institute of Business Ethics on the evolving corporate “wrongdoing” landscape and the increasing role of NEDs in overseeing an independent, internal investigation.

Watch the replay here.

Discussion Topics

  • Expecting the unexpected: How are boards and NEDs dealing with the threats they face from within?
  • Overview of the current headline issues arising from internal misconduct
  • The four drivers of internal issues resulting in the need for a board-level investigation: fraud/corruption, sexual misconduct, toxic culture and leaks of information
  • The breadth of internally generated corporate missteps, which can result in public allegations of wrongdoing impacting a corporate’s reputation
  • What is needed to address each issue/allegation: more information, demonstration of independence in information gathering or cultural change
  • Managing a crisis investigation: assessment, response and remediation


  • Graham Durgan, Chair, NEDA
  • Neil Kirton, Regional Managing Director, EMEA, Kroll
  • Zoë Newman, Managing Director and Co-Head of Financial Investigations, Kroll
  • Mark Chambers, Non-Executive Director and Associate Director at Institute of Business Ethics

NED Webcast – Corporate Reputation - Part 2: How Boards Are Dealing with Threats from Within?

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