A Look Inside Complex Asset Tracing with the Kroll Amsterdam Team March 31, 2021 Webcast

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In these uncertain times where globalization drives the transfer and movement of assets all over the world, obtaining a favourable decree—you've been rewarded, and the question now is can you actually get it—and enforcing the recovery of a claim or award in various jurisdictions can be problematic.

Whether you are anticipating an investment, settling a dispute or simply looking to recover misappropriated assets, Kroll Amsterdam has the experience to assist you.

In this virtual roundtable session, experts from our Asset Tracing and Recovery team will provide an exclusive look inside the world of asset tracing at Kroll and share recent examples of our work. We will also share some of the tips and tricks we have used to successfully penetrate efforts by counterparties and defendants to shield cash, real estate, corporate holdings, financial instruments, commodities and other tangible and intangible assets from discovery.

Attendees are invited to ask the team questions during the session.

Watch the replay here.

Discussion Topics

  • Identifying and tracing hard-to-find assets
  • Unravelling complex asset protection structures
  • Deploying novel approaches to asset tracing
  • Benefitting from asset tracing beyond legal proceedings
  • Insights and case studies from our Kroll London Team


  • Jack De Raad, Managing Director, Kroll, Amsterdam
  • Rens Rozekrans, Managing Director, Kroll, Amsterdam
  • Tjeerd Krol, Managing Director, Kroll, Amsterdam
  • Katharine Toney, Senior Director, Kroll, Amsterdam
  • Timothy Roberts, Senior Director, Kroll, London
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