NED Webinar – Corporate Reputation - Part 3: Boards in the Spotlight, How Prepared Are You? September 20, 2021 Webcast

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In collaboration with NEDA.

Join us for the final webinar in our three-part series, Reputation … Reputation … Reputation – The Three Faces of Contemporary Risk Management, where Kroll and NEDA Chairman, Graham Durgan, will host a discussion on the reputational risks associated with doing transactions (M&A) and managing the external pressures brought about by stakeholder and shareholder activists.

The focus of this session will be around the post-pandemic, topical boardroom issue of an acceleration in “portfolio restructuring.” The panel will consider the extent to which an increasing focus on non-financial issues continues to broaden the challenge faced by boards and non-executive directors (NEDs)—protecting both their own and the corporate’s reputation while fulfilling their fiduciary duties to shareholders—all in the glare of what may be a major transaction or an unwanted activist attack.

Watch the replay here.

Discussion Topics

  • Corporate culture—understanding the culture of the would-be acquirer/target
  • Stakeholder activism: What impact can activists have? What information do we see boards gathering and at what stage?
  • Due diligence and background checks: a tick-box exercise or more nuanced?
  • International acquisitions/joint ventures in complex jurisdictions


  • Graham Durgan, Chair, NEDA
  • Neil Kirton, Regional Managing Director, EMEA, Kroll
  • Zoë Newman, Managing Director and Co-Head of Financial Investigations, Kroll
  • Peter Williams, Portfolio NED and currently Chairman at Mister Spex in Berlin and U and I Group PLC in the UK, and Deputy Chairman at Miinto A/S in Copenhagen

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