Services for Institutional Investors

We offer an array of services to support global institutional investors.

Our Alternative Asset Advisory practice provides a variety of unique services designed to support global institutional investors. Our firm has colleagues around the world working to support institutional investors throughout their investment life cycle–from pre-investment and investment monitoring through to end of investment solutions.


We have the expertise to provide institutional investors with various services supporting their due diligence process of fund principals and the investments they operate:

  • Leveraging our leading investigative services, we can perform background investigations/checks of the principals, management teams, advisors or the investment entity
  • We can conduct investigations ranging from public records checks to in-depth investigations
  • We are uniquely qualified to perform background investigations globally and report results in local languages.

Our global Operational Due Diligence team performs initial and ongoing due diligence reviews of all asset classes including private equity, hedge funds, venture, crypto/digital assets, private debt, real estate/real asset and traditional investments.

Our ESG Advisory and Consulting services provide a variety of oversight offerings designed to support investors as they undertake a thorough analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment opportunities:

  • ESG policy/framework integration, assessment and monitoring
  • Verification and testing of frameworks
  • ESG due diligence and questionnaire development
  • Compliance oversight and disclosure reporting
  • Integrity and reputational background reviews


Fund Investment Monitoring

Institutional investors that allocate capital globally have a variety of challenges monitoring their investments and their investment managers. We have developed services to simplify the monitoring process and provide investors with actionable information. 

Regulatory Clarity: The SEC’s Form ADV is the largest global database of comprehensive regulatory information on funds and fund managers. Regulatory Clarity pulls in the ADV filings of every registered investment advisor, exempt reporting advisor and state registered advisor on a daily basis. We analyze the Form ADV filings and updates and notify our clients of changes that were made and whether the changes represent typical business updates, signal unusual activity or indicate significant business or investment risks. We explain why we flagged the changes and provide our users with a workflow process tool to track the changes for compliance or fiduciary oversight purposes.

Audited Financial Statement Clarity: A tremendous amount of critical information is contained within an investment’s audited financial statements (AFS). AFS Clarity is the only application available to investors that performs an institutional review of a fund’s AFS and provides a detailed summary report for every financial statement as well as a database of our analysis.

ESG: Work with asset management firms to develop ESG best practice monitoring tools.

Investigations: Our investigative team leverages the firm’s unique technological capabilities to continually monitor fund principals/management companies. We offer a cost effective public records monitoring solution and provide investors with timely and actionable information on the principals/management companies of the funds in which they have invested.

Valuation: We are the global leader in valuations. We help institutional investors with the valuation of their fund interests–from assisting with writing or reviewing a valuation policy to performing periodic valuations. With the 2020 announcement by the U.S. Department of Labor that private equity interests may now be held in 401k retirement plans, we have developed the ability to provide best in class valuation capabilities by leveraging technology to provide valuations with the frequency and accuracy required for 401k purposes.

Risk: The risk framework we have in place allows LP fund investors to assess the risks of their private equity assets in a holistic way that takes into account their complexity and provides metrics to monitor their risk, allowing investors to compare investments with the expected additional return on investment. Private equity investments are generally riskier than investments in the public market due to their complexities involving uncertainty about the future cash flows, market value and the liquidity of the investments. Our risk tool can be used for pre-investment risk assessment, monitoring during the holding period of investments and/or end-of-life risk assessment.

End of Investment Cycle

Our Secondary Market Advisory (SMA) practice works with investors with portfolio liquidity needs by providing fund restructuring services and assisting investors with the sale of individual illiquid interests or portfolios of fund interests. The SMA team leverages our global network of buyers to market illiquid fund interests, direct investments or portfolios of funds to obtain the best pricing for our clients.

Investment Liquidations: We have experts to help guide investors when one of their investments goes into liquidation or gets caught up in legal or regulatory matters. Our team has extensive experience managing fund liquidations under court order, and working with investors to maximize the recovery of assets.