Key Coronavirus Work from Home Cyber Security Considerations

April 29, 2020 | (Online)
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The spread of coronavirus has led to an increase in social distancing and self-quarantine across the globe, leaving us with the irrefutable fact that working from home is here to stay. Opportunistic cyber criminals see this as an opportunity to compromise public and private sector organizations who may not have prepared to sustain cyber security levels across a predominantly remote workforce. Thankfully, individuals and organizations can arm themselves with the right knowledge and tools to stave off privacy and data security risks as they strap in for the long haul and continue to securely work from home.

Given the speed at which the virus hit and the number of people affected, organizations had a limited time frame to put together a work from home plan. These circumstances, however, are not unique to Kroll experts Stacy Scott and Julian Grijns, who will be joined by Joseph V. DeMarco of DeVore & DeMarco LLP to discuss key considerations and the best practices for individuals and organizations to implement and stay secure in these trying times. 

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Key Takeaways

  • The most common and overlooked cyber risks associated with working remotely
  • Key steps to protect your organization and raise employees’ cyber awareness 
  • Legal ramifications associated with working from home cyber risk 
  • Insurance – am I covered?
  • How to plan for the return to the office environment


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