Valuation Considerations Amid Uncertainty in the Oil and Gas Sector

June 30, 2020 | (Online)
Webcast , Countries

As we approach the end of Q2 2020, with prolonged uncertainty around the global health situation due to COVID-19 and volatile oil and gas markets, corporations and investment fund managers focused on the sector continue to grapple with a myriad of valuations issues. Specifically, the oil and gas sector has witnessed a “double whammy” due to the drop in demand for oil and oil products and the onslaught of an early supply war. As a result, fair value issues abound around reliable investor reporting, impairments, asset sales, cash flow planning and solvency/viability, property tax relief and disputes/litigation.

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Schedule: 12:00 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. ET


  • What are the top three items on the agenda of the C-suite? 
  • How are market participants transacting in times of increased uncertainty?  
  • Is this the right time to sell assets? 
  • How are value drivers impacted by the epidemic (revenue, cost, growth, competition, market conditions, etc.)?
  • What are the short-, medium- and long-term impacts of a market disruption to businesses and operations?
  • Is your company faced with asset or other impairments? 
  • Could a reevaluation of your property tax liability be advantageous?
  • Are joint venture arrangements feeling the strain? 


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