Duff & Phelps' FAMIS Team to Host Webcast Titled “What About The Intangibles?” at Airmic Fest 2020

September 22 - 24, 2020
| ( Online )
Webcast , Countries

The risk management event of the year, The Airmic Annual Conference, has been turned into a three day digital event called Airmic Fest. The event will take place on 22-24 September and members of the Airmic community can find out how “Working Together”, this year’s conference theme, will help them manage the increasingly interrelated risks of the New World. 

Duff & Phelps will be among the 56 companies showcasing risk management solutions and will host a webcast titled “What About The Intangibles?”

The session will identify how intangible assets such as trade names, patented and unpatented technology, and customer relationships support an increasing proportion of the value of companies worldwide. 

As risk managers are increasingly being asked by executive teams to assess and quantify the effects on enterprise value of loss to these assets, Duff & Phelps will review what should be insured in today’s market in order to develop and sustain a competitive advantage and financial performance.

Takeaways include:

  • Defining intangible assets 
  • Methodologies used for considering asset associated value
  • Providing a fair presentation of risk 
  • Other services developed beyond risk transfer

The webcast is aimed at members involved in risk management with exposure to businesses relying on intangible assets. No prior knowledge or expertise is required.

Learn more about Airmic Fest.

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