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Webinar and Q and A - Effective Business Email Compromise and Ransomware Mitigation

Calendar October 2, 2019

Understand six key legal and technical steps to bolster defenses against Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Ransomware attacks. This webinar, co-hosted with Snell & Wilmer, will explore fundamental approaches to mitigate the risk posed by these threats and streamline incident response plans. There is no “easy button” to push – but there are certainly some easy wins. 

This 30-min webinar will cover: 

  • The impact of multi-factor authentication and best practices for implementation 
  • How to leverage endpoint monitoring efficiently 
  • Careful considerations for protecting incident response investigations under privilege 
  • Effective board and C-suite engagement 
  • Incident response plan reviews, fine-tuning 
  • Successful elements of a robust backup strategy 

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Schedule: 1:30 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. (EDT)


  • Jonathan Fairtlough, Managing Director, Cyber Risk, Kroll 
  • James P. Melendres, Partner and Co-Chair, Cyber Security, Data Protection and Privacy, Snell & Wilmer
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