Webinar - Assessing Third-Party Cyber Risk in Vendors and Law Firms

July 24, 2019 | (Conference)
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Webinar: Assessing Third-Party Cyber Risk in Vendors and Law Firms 

Organizations are under increasing regulatory obligation to conduct assessments of third-parties who handle or process some of their data. Too often this process is poorly executed and the results difficult to interpret. This webinar will highlight a third-party cyber risk management solution which moves the process away from Excel spreadsheets and onto a simple-to-use online tool. 

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Schedule: July 24, 02:00 p.m. (EST)

The discussion will outline a streamlined approach to third-party assessments, and how it can provide unique insights into often overlooked non-technical risk areas. You will learn how the solution can be tailored to regulatory requirements such as the EU’s GDPR or the NYS DFS Cybersecurity Regulation. Speakers will showcase how the solution can score various risks, enabling benchmarking across all third-party vendors and assess your partners' resilience following a breach, which is critical given today’s sophisticated cyber threats.

The presenters will also share how they customize the assessment to identify risk areas and suggest corrective action to eliminate or significantly reduce associated risks.


  • Ryan Spelman, Senior Manager, CyberClarity360™
  • Patrick Burke, Partner, Phillips Nizer LLP