Adam Warren at University of Illinois in Professor Mao Ye’s class: Finance 580, Fin Tech

March 11, 2019
| ( Conference )
University of Illinois-in Professor Mao Ye’s Class , Countries

Adam Warren has been invited to lecture at the University of Illinois on March 11 in Professor Mao Ye’s class: Finance 580, Fin Tech. The class is a graduate level course on Big Data and Technology in Finance.
His topic will be “How Financial Crimes Have Affected Regulation and Market Structure”. As one of the hottest topics of our time, Big Data and Fintech spread rapidly among the finance industry in the recent years. This course will cover methodology and topics in big data in finance and innovations in the new area of Fintech.
The first half of the course will cover Big Data in Finance. Students will learn how to overcome three dimensions of challenges in big data: large size, high dimension, and complex structure. Professor Mao Ye, speakers from National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and guest industry speakers will cover topics including processing large data on supercomputing clusters, dimensionality and machine learning technologies in big data, parsing and utilizing of unstructured data in finance and modern ecosystem of financial market.

The second half of the course will cover other fintech innovations and how Fintech is affecting Finance industry. The second half includes the following topics: Smart Beta, Robo-Advisor, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, P2P Lending, and Fintech’s impact on Regulation and Traditional Finance industry.

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