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International shipping and maritime organizations trust Kroll to provide risk management services in support of their operations and strategic planning initiatives and the development of emergency incident response plans.

Our services include crisis management consulting and evacuation planning, ongoing political risk and security vulnerability assessments/monitoring, and long-term risk management analysis. We provide real-time advice, guidance and intelligence so clients, their leadership, employees, investors, global customers and third-party affiliates can be confident in the implementation of pragmatic security solutions in an evolving and fluid security environment.

Kroll’s global intelligence and security practitioners provide accurate, timely and actionable information so informed decisions can be made.

Crisis Management and Evacuation Planning
We help clients navigate a broad range of unpredictable and volatile events in challenging and rapidly-evolving threat environments.

  • Our experts develop a thorough understanding of the organization’s risk tolerance and primary safety and security concerns to best inform a bespoke-level assessment and provide recommendations for areas of focus and refinement
  • We work with clients to develop strategies to best manage the exposure of assets, risks to personnel, business continuity and effective threat responses

Our team has over 45 years of experience managing the impacts of risk, assessing complex vulnerabilities to personnel, operations and brands as well as collecting, assessing and prioritizing intelligence from a range of sources.

Risk Monitoring and Analysis
International threats and vulnerabilities posed by ideological extremism, unique and varying criminal elements, fraud schemes, infrastructure reliability, emergency first responder capabilities/willingness, geopolitical and socio-economic divides, etc., are very real, and not always easily recognizable in complex threat environments.

Rapidly evolving situations with the potential to significantly impact clients’ assets and operations can escalate and unfold quickly, and therefore require significant long-term contextual analysis.  Consistent and reliable analysis of micro-developments provide the information needed for a robust risk management process.

Kroll provides expert risk monitoring and analysis in a variety of ways, based on individual needs, threat environments and organizational priorities and risk tolerance:

  • Event-Driven Monitoring and Analysis – immediate summary of security-related incidents likely to have an impact as they unfold
  • Ongoing Risk Analysis – monitoring and analysis of relevant security and political developments (at a predetermined frequency) that have the potential to impact the safety and security of client assets and operations
  • Contextual Political Risk Consulting – long-term analysis and monitoring of political, geopolitical, socio-economic and other societal and national/international occurrences to best inform safety and security policies, procedures, risk triggers and emergency action planning tripwires

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Security Risk Management

Security Risk Management

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Security Risk Management
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Cyber Risk

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