Cost of Capital Navigator Excel Add-in

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The Kroll Cost of Capital Navigator – Excel Add-in interacts directly with users’ own excel models and enables the analyst to import all the Kroll cost of capital data directly into their own spreadsheets.

The Cost of Capital Navigator Excel Add-in is included with all subscriptions of the U.S. Cost of Capital Module and is available through the Microsoft Store.

How to Enable the Excel Add-in

If you are a subscriber to the Cost of Capital Navigator, follow the below instructions on how to enable the Excel Add-in*:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel
  2. Go to the "Insert" tab
  3. Click on "Get Add-ins"
  4. Search "Cost of Capital"
  5. Click on "The Cost of Capital Navigator"
  6. Enable the Add-in to your ribbon by clicking on the “Add” button”

*Note: Excel Add-in Requires Excel 2016 or later


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