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The Kroll Cost of Capital Navigator is a global cost of capital tool and data delivery platform. This is one of the most authoritative sources of equity risk premia, size premia and other critical data used in computing cost of capital. Users can get best-in-class data, with the option to also use our tools that guide them through the process of developing global cost of capital estimates. The product suite is comprised of two annual subscription products: the U.S. Cost of Capital Module and the International Cost of Capital Module.
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The Cost of Capital Navigator allows users to export data into their spreadsheets via the platform or by using our accompanying Cost of Capital Navigator Excel add-in. Users can also create cost of capital estimates using our guided tool, allowing either Kroll's global data or custom inputs to be incorporated into the analysis. Our solution is comprehensive, providing users with multiple alternative models and datasets as they use their professional judgment in developing their own estimates. Data or estimates downloaded into Excel are presented in a format suitable for review by auditors and other stakeholders, including data, inputs, assumptions, underlying data sources, and other clearly-documented information.

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Are you looking for what data is included in the Cost of Capital Navigator? Use the tool below to see what data points are available in the Cost of Capital Navigator. Filter by module, data category, geographic region, and more.

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The Stocks, Bonds, Bills, and Inflation® (SBBI®) Yearbook has been the definitive annual resource for historical U.S. capital markets data for over 30 years.

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Discover how Kroll engaged with the client's Board to explain the concepts and nuances of cost of capital so that they could pursue new deals and unlock growth.

Kroll is the leading global independent valuation services firm and a trusted expert on estimating cost of capital. For over 20 years, our professionals have published books and articles, created studies, provided recommendations, produced datasets, and built tools to help businesses and valuation professionals quantify risk and arrive at cost of capital conclusions.

Quantifying risk is essential in any valuation analysis and no easy task. While the result may be subsumed into a single input in a valuation analysis, getting it wrong can make or break an investment decision or materially impact a valuation conclusion. While corporate finance theory has established some generally accepted approaches for calculating cost of capital, multiple complex models have been developed to establish the required inputs, and numerous books and articles have been published on this topic. It remains one of the most complex corporate finance concepts today.

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