Tue, Aug 13, 2019

Nicole Y. Lamb-Hale on the Negative Impact of Tariffs and U.S.-China Trade Tensions

Nicole Y. Lamb-Hale, Managing Director in Kroll’s Business Intelligence and Investigations practice and Duff & Phelps Institute Fellow, recently shared her views on the negative impact of U.S.-China trade tensions and how tariffs are a tax in an interview with FOX Business.

“Our clients at the Duff & Phelps Institute have told us time and time again that the rollercoaster ride we’re on is very disruptive to their long-term business planning. Tariffs are a tax,” Nicole said. “Manufacturers will shift to other countries; they’re not coming back to the U.S. They’ll move their operations to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries where the cost of manufacturing is lower. This is corrosive to market confidence.”

Watch the full interview here.