Mon, Oct 7, 2019

Timothy Gallagher Speaks About North Bergen’s Voter Fraud Questions

Tim Gallagher provided insights regarding questions of voter fraud in North Bergen, NJ that have been reported. The I-Team obtained a list of North Bergen Board of Education workers; at least 649 were registered voters. Records for each could not be checked, so the I-Team analyzed 61 staffers who listed an out-of-town address. Out of those, nearly a dozen questionable cases were found where it appears those workers actually voted in North Bergen. “The problem here is that these individuals are public servants,” Tim Gallagher said. “Their job is to educate our students and protect our streets. And they are being used to wield power and sway elections and that is just wrong.”

The former New Jersey FBI director says if anyone used an address and voted improperly in North Bergen, they could also be opening themselves up to other potential charges, like tax or insurance fraud.
“What’s your primary residence? When your bank asks what’s your primary residence and you write down X and you don’t live there, that could be potential bank fraud,” Gallagher said. of Voter Fraud in North Bergen

the I-Team was only able to check limited records, and found there were nearly two dozen instances of possible voter fraud. The former FBI head said law enforcement officials with subpeona power could find even greater numbers.
“The numbers you came up in your reporting is significant,” Gallagher said. “To utilize law enforcement tools to further develop those numbers, it could lead to a greater problem.”

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