Fri, Jul 28, 2017

Rosemary Fanelli’s Comment to the Treasury Department’s Regulatory Reform Agenda

In response to the Treasury Department’s June 14, 2017 request for information relating to President Donald J. Trump’s Executive Orders on regulatory reform, Rosemary Fanelli, managing director in the Financial Services Compliance and Regulation practice, submitted a comment letter to the Treasury.

Consistent with Treasury’s objectives, Rosemary submitted a detailed comment letter, which is available on the Treasury’s website, suggesting the Treasury Department consider possible modification, consolidation or repeal:

  • Select Commerce Department BEA Filings
  • Treasury International Capital Forms B, C, D, S, SLT, SHC, SHCA, SHL and SHLA

  • IRS FATCA filing requirements

  • Fincen FBAR filing requirements. Various provisions of these filing obligations are duplicative, overlapping and do not seem to serve any useful or productive purpose.