Wed, Jun 7, 2017

Read Rosemary Fanelli's Latest Forbes Article: "Make America Debate Again: Five Things To Know About The CHOICE Act"

Rosemary Fanelli, Managing Director in the Financial Services Compliance and Regulation practice, published an article on entitled, "Make America Debate Again: Five Things To Know About The Choice Act," a compelling piece on how potential financial reform under President Trump could shake up investment funds.

'While we were all distracted by health care, tax reform, the Russians and Jim Comey, House Republicans quietly turned their attention to a new initiative: repealing the Dodd-Frank Act - President Obama’s signature piece of financial reform legislation. The GOP’s primary tool for this repeal is the CHOICE Act, a nearly 600-page proposal which would undo many landmark aspects of Dodd-Frank: reverse the Volcker Rule’s limit on bank investing; ease the regulatory burden on community banks; and strip the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of much of its power.'

Rosemary was recently invited by Forbes to be a regular contributor. This is the third in a series of several articles that Rosemary will contribute on compliance and regulatory issues impacting the private fund industry.

The full article is available on the Forbes website.