Thu, Jul 11, 2019

Nicole Y. Lamb-Hale Talks About Chinese Consumers Boycotting U.S. Goods

Nicole Y. Lamb-Hale, Managing Director in Kroll’s Business Intelligence and Investigations practice and Duff & Phelps Institute Fellow, recently shared her views on a survey of Chinese consumers showing that a majority of them are boycotting U.S. goods and have an increasingly negative view of U.S. companies.

Here’s an extract from the original Fortune article:

“The Chinese market is huge — it’s a large market that U.S. companies want to have access to,” said Nicole Y. Lamb-Hale, managing director of Kroll Associates and former assistant commerce secretary in international trade during the Obama administration.

In their 2018 fiscal years, for example, 43.5% of General Motors sales were in China and 20.6% of Apple’s sales were from the country. As of Sept. 30, 2018, 23% of all company-owned and operated Starbucks locations were in China, with China and Asia Pacific representing 18.1% of net revenues.

Until now, Chinese consumers have been “pretty favorable toward U.S. brands,” Nicole said. That may be subsiding.

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