Wed, May 30, 2018

Mark Turner Featured in International Investment: US Dodd-Frank Removal Should Not Cause the City to Panic

Mark Turner, Managing Director in Duff & Phelps Compliance and Regulatory Consulting practice, was featured in International Investment discussing the decision to dismantle parts of the US Dodd-Frank regulations, easing the rules on all but the largest banks in the US, and whether the UK is likely to follow suit in reducing the regulatory burden on financial services firms.

“Terminating poorly thought out regulation that could be seen to choke business growth is not the same as allowing a free-for-all that will derail markets,” said Turner. “The UK has a strong framework of principles based regulation that supports competition, protects customers and takes firm action against wrongdoing by firms and individuals – it is by no means perfect, but we are looked upon as global leaders in this space...any changes made in the US won’t alter the UK’s reputation as a safe and sound place to do business, and a knee-jerk reaction, or race to the bottom is not the right answer.”

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