Thu, Oct 10, 2019

Latest Results From Global Fraud Risk Report Featured Business Standard

Findings on the top fraud incidents impacting Indian businesses from Kroll’s latest Global Fraud and Risk Report 2019/20 were featured in Business Standard.

According to the report, data theft, internal information leak and reputational damage due to third-party relationships were top incidents faced by Indian companies. Almost 40% (41%) of Indian businesses had suffered from data theft—higher than the global average (29%) and other countries such as the United States (26%), the United Kingdom (32%) and Japan (27%).

The report also shows that in India, fraud incidents caused by external parties are higher than the global average. “We believe that the level of due diligence done by Indian corporates is improving, but it is still below the basic requirement when compared globally,” said Tarun Bhatia, Managing Director and Head of South Asia in the Business Intelligence and Investigations practice of Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps.

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For more results by country and by sector, download a copy of the report.