Mon, Apr 8, 2024

Kroll Leverages Databricks to Enhance Risk and Financial Advisory Intelligence and AI-Driven Solutions

New York – Kroll, the leading independent provider of global risk and financial advisory solutions, today announced that it is working with Databricks, the data and AI company, to enhance data management, analytics and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) within Kroll’s operations. By combining Kroll’s business insights and capabilities in data operations with Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform and other solutions, Kroll will be empowered to engage in massive-scale data engineering, leverage generative AI capabilities and enhance business analytics and reporting across the organization.

Sharon Dhall, Chief Information Officer at Kroll, said: “In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations prioritize data and insights to improve their operational efficiency, extract actionable intelligence, improve customer relationships and optimize processes for a competitive edge to revolutionize the way we deliver insights and solutions. Our collaboration with Databricks represents a pivotal step in our commitment to continued innovation and excellence. This enhancement into how we work signals an exciting new era for all of us. With Databricks’ cutting-edge technology, Kroll is poised to unlock greater clarity from our data and provide even more valuable financial and risk intelligence for the market.”

Junta Nakai, Global Head of Financial Services at Databricks, said: “For financial institutions, data is your competitive advantage. Democratizing access to trusted, governed data is essential for fueling collaboration and innovation and bringing data intelligence to everyone within an organization. We are proud to partner with leaders like Kroll as they leverage the Databricks platform to enhance their offerings and deliver more value to customers with the power of data and AI.”

Samir Mehta, Chief Data Officer at Kroll, said: “As a leader in risk and financial advisory, we recognize the imperative to continually innovate our capabilities to address evolving global challenges. The integration of data and AI technologies into our analytical processes will empower us to extract deeper insights, enhance predictive capabilities and ultimately provide more robust solutions to our clients. Our use of Databricks positions us at the forefront of this transformative journey, allowing us to further data and AI enablement and enhance the speed and accuracy from Kroll’s extensive datasets, undoubtedly strengthening our services and delivering unprecedented value to our customers.”

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