Wed, Jun 1, 2022

Kroll Launches Strategic Communications Service

Erik Moser Joins Cyber Risk Team to Expand Kroll’s Complete Response Capabilities with Reputation Management Expertise

New York – Kroll, the leading provider of data, technology and insights related to risk, governance and growth, announced today that it is launching a strategic communications service to further its Complete Response capabilities and protect its clients’ brands and reputations before, during and after sensitive incidents.

Through a full suite of crisis communications services, covering incident response, preparedness and training, social media and digital strategies, on-site support and post-event reputation impact measurement, Kroll’s strategic communications service instills a structured approach to effectively engage stakeholders, including investors, journalists, employees and customers while protecting reputation, securing trust and minimizing disruption. It can be used as a complete outsourced function or as a natural extension to an organization’s existing communications team.

Strategic communications bolsters Kroll’s capabilities, such as disaster preparedness, incident response, tabletop exercises and data breach notification, enabling clients greater expediency and flexibility to manage situations where every word and minute carry significant consequences.

Erik Moser, Managing Director, Cyber Risk at Kroll, said: “The reputational impact of a security incident is often not based on the incident itself, but on how the company responds—how it communicates with and informs stakeholders and those who are impacted. By giving clients access to seasoned communications experts, they can be sure that response is accurate from a technical perspective, guided by legal counsel and seamless in terms of how the information disseminates through the business and externally. A deliberate, managed approach to communications, even in the most challenging incident, enables the organization to minimize disruption, build confidence and secure trust with its most important audiences.”

Jason Smolanoff, President of Cyber Risk at Kroll, said: “Crisis communications is an integral part of any incident response. Organizations need to deliver the right information, to the right audience, at the right time for a successful recovery. Failing maintain this level of control could put the reputation and credibility of an organization at risk, therefore threatening to magnify the impact of an incident. With more than a decade of experience helping brands navigate complex crisis situations and specializing in cyber security, we are very excited to welcome Erik to the team.”

Strategic communications is a part of Kroll’s Complete Response. It complements the recently launched incident remediation and recovery services, which meet the growing demand for technical restoration services following incidents and resilience assessments. All of Kroll’s Complete Response is available as part of a cyber insurance claim.

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