Tue, Oct 9, 2018

In New Slap at China, U.S. Expands Power to Block Foreign Investments

In an interview with Alan Rappeport of New York Times, Investigations and Disputes Managing Director Nicole Lamb-Hale shared her insights on the recent review system of foreign investments. An excerpt of the article is below:

Nicole Lamb-Hale, head of the Cfius advisory practice at the risk management firm Kroll, said that the global nature of the new pilot program could have a chilling effect on businesses seeking foreign investment and that it would create additional hurdles for transactions. However, she acknowledged, with recent reports that Chinese spies have been using chips to infiltrate American companies, there is greater urgency to protect American intellectual property.

“I think that really brings into focus the concern that we are at a point where if we don’t do something very quickly, we’re going to be in a position where from a national security standpoint we’re at risk,” Ms. Lamb-Hale, who previously handled Cfius matters at the Department of Commerce.

By Alan Rappeport

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