Thu, Mar 12, 2020

Anne O’Dwyer Speaks to Biz Plus About Duff & Phelps’ Network of Women Gender Equality Survey Results

Anne O’Dwyer, Managing Director in Duff & Phelps Corporate Finance practice, was featured in Biz Plus, discussing the Duff & Phelps Network of Women (NOW) survey results. A key finding from the survey was that gender inequality in the workplace causes "imposter syndrome."

Anne commented: “It’s positive that many working women are so upbeat about workplace relations, and that traditionally male domains such as financial services are beginning to see many women at the top of their game. But it’s also good to remember that there is still lots to be done, not just at government and corporate levels, but by men and women themselves in the workplace, in terms of hearing each other and supporting each other. It’s important for companies to make sure they are leaving space for women and men to work together in the best possible environment they can create.”

Read the full article here.

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