Wed, Mar 18, 2020

Kroll Experts Discuss Data Breach Vulnerabilities Within the Cloud

With the increase in data volume, cloud computing has gained prominence as more organizations turn to the cloud for effective data management. Users have increased flexibility and data agility when utilizing cloud platforms. However, as the cloud is shared between multiple users, security is a clear and immediate concern. 

Brian Lapidus, global leader in Kroll’s Identity Theft and Breach Notification practice, and Keith Novak, Associate Managing Director in Kroll’s Cyber Risk practice, were quoted in Legaltech News highlighting that most companies fail to take stock of the magnitude of data stored on private and public servers. They discuss how the cloud affects an organization’s ability to respond to a breach, and best practices to employ as traditional on-premise monitoring and detection tools become less suited for cloud environments.

The full article is available to Legaltech News subscribers here.