Mon, Mar 2, 2020

Chris Campbell Talks Market Volatility and Coronavirus

Duff & Phelps Institute Chief Strategist Chris Campbell recently joined Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith to talk about market volatility and the economic impact of the Coronavirus. He was also joined by Tony Rodriguez, Nuveen Head of Fixed Income Strategy, who commented on the uncertainty surrounding the virus. 

“We’ve not seen the bottom of this and we’re advising clients on that challenge,” Chris said. “Supply chains are going to continue to be disrupted and it’ll be telling to see what the President says at 6 p.m. today. My guess is he will take a more active role in this; he may actually appoint someone to lead the effort on this.”

“There’s no question we could be on the verge of a pandemic and it’s certainly going to have a significant drag on the economy, both here and abroad; it’s certainly alarming our clients,” he added.

Watch the full interview here.

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