Fri, Jul 21, 2017

Brian Lapidus Discusses Data Breach With Crain's Detroit Business

Brian Lapidus, Managing Director in Kroll’s Identity Theft and Breach Notification practice, shares his knowledge of the technology risks facing businesses and the threat of data breaches in the Crain’s Detroit Business article “Cyber insurance offers companies a safety net from online hackers.”

Increased digital connectivity between businesses and the outside world via PCs, tablets, smartphones and other devices has significantly increased the threat of data breaches for corporations. Cyber insurance is becoming a priority for corporations that need a safety net to provide coverage from these risks.

Experts are attempting to combat these threats using aggressive measures to prevent hacking on the front end, such as system encryption, redundant firewalls and cryptic passwords, but implementing these measures is like aiming at a fast moving target. "I think organizations are getting better with their protection," Lapidus explained. "But at the same time, the criminals are getting better and better with their methods, so it's a vicious circle."

Lapidus recommended organizations go on a “data diet” in order to enhance their data security in a simple, yet effective way. He advises clients to delete old information that will never be legitimately needed. "If you're holding on to data from 30 years ago — customer Social Security numbers, dates of birth and the like, holding onto that serves no realistic business purpose and poses a significant liability risk," Lapidus said.

"Get rid of it."

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