Tue, Nov 15, 2016

A Government's Challenge After Demonetization

Reshmi Khurana speaks to The Times of India on the impacts of demonetization

Keeping unaccounted money handlers at bay can present a significant challenge after governments demonetize their currencies. In countries like India, when events of this magnitude occur, a lull in enterprise sets in, causing great concern among proprietors and customers alike. With limited cash in flow, the effect of demonetization in a country has far-reaching effects, including greater concerns about black market implications. Kroll's Reshmi Khurana, Managing Director and India's Office Head, speaks to The Times of India explaining the challenges countries face in these types of situations.

"People with malicious intent usually catch up with these changes and quickly go one step ahead" says Khurana. "As India moves more towards a 'white' economy, liquidating holdings overseas and stamping out counterfeiting, which thrived on operating in a cash-rich economy, must be key long-term goals."

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