Mon, Dec 1, 2014

Ronke Ekwensi and Joy Saphla published in CIO Review: "What's in Your Data? Hidden Opportunities and Risks in Mergers & Acquisitions"

When companies merge, they do so in the belief that combining business activities will provide opportunities to improve performance and reduce cost. Some of these opportunities come from integrating information, hardware, software, data storage and other IT assets, and it is the CIO's job to find these synergies in order to create value. There are forces, however, which make it difficult to take full advantage. Depending on the timing of the deal, the CIO's office may be challenged to have a clear view of the target company's systems and data.

In order to maximize value and minimize risk, the CIO's office must know the right questions to ask and work closely with their counterparts in the legal department when executing IT-related decisions. This article, authored by Managing Directors Ronké Ekwensi and Joy Saphla of Duff & Phelps’ Legal Management Consulting practice and published in CIO Review, identifies four questions CIOs must be able to answer in order to identify opportunities and minimize risk. 

Read the article in CIO Review on pages 20-21 or download the pdf.

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