Committed to making ethical operations and transparency a priority

Kroll is committed to diversity at all levels within the organization through its policies, employee resource groups and local initiatives. All employees are required annually to certify to the company’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

Learn more about some of our good governance policies:

Kroll Institute

The Kroll Institute for Good Governance was founded to open the lens on issues of truth, transparency and good governance in the public and private sectors. Through thought leadership and research, the Kroll Institute opens the lens and provides clarity on issues related to truth, governance, transparency, fairness, integrity and ethics.

ESG and Corporate Responsibility

ESG and Corporate Responsibility

ESG | Environmental, Social and Governance matters to our company, our clients and our people.

Kroll Charitable Foundation

We encourage our colleagues through employee-led charitable giving and volunteerism to make a positive contribution to society and local communities. Join us.

Environmental Sustainability

Through our global workforce, vendor partnerships and property portfolio, we’re committed to a responsible and sustainable impact worldwide.

Social Impact

We promote inclusivity and diversity at all levels of the organization and in underserved communities through the support of the Kroll Charitable Foundation. It’s our social responsibility.