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Kroll’s data breach notification, call centres and monitoring team brings our unique and global expertise to help clients manage their regulatory and reputational needs in the wake of a data breach.
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With more than 20 years of breach notification experience and having handled the largest and most complex notification requirements in the world, Kroll can help ensure your response is managed in a way that complies with regulatory expectations and protects your reputation. Kroll has delivered notification and call centres services to hundreds of millions of people across Singapore, Hong Kong, Asia and the world, and our team routinely handles the most pressing emergencies with unrivalled speed and efficacy. With more than 20 years of experience with breach notification, Kroll has established a track record of success in managing some of the largest and most complex notification requirements in the world. Today, we leverage this experience to help even more clients protect their reputations and fulfil any regulatory obligations in the aftermath of a data breach. Kroll’s notification and call centre services have helped millions of people around the world as we routinely handle major emergencies with exceptional speed and effectiveness.

Global Breach Notification Services and Retainer Options

In our global economy, where data can easily cross multiple territories and jurisdictions, organisations may be subject to an array of stringent notification regulations. Kroll offers a comprehensive approach to relieve these burdens, with solutions that include drafting compliant notification letters, full-service mailing assistance, alternative notification methods for widespread breaches, and multilingual call centres to handle questions from the breached population

Kroll closely tracks changing data privacy regulations to enhance our capabilities and meet the needs of clients across different jurisdictions:


*Notification and call center services fulfilled out of one of our international offices via international postage and an extended-hours or 24x7 call center.

Kroll has established relationships with over 60 major cyber insurance carriers and the quality of our services have been recognised by several leading publications and third parties, such as Gartner, Forrester Wave and National Law Journal Best of Surveys. To provide additional peace of mind, Kroll offers client-friendly notification retainers that provide maximum flexibility and include a range of proactive services ensure each clients receives tangible value for their money.

Our breach notification specialists have helped clients across multiple industries fulfil their notification responsibilities, which gives us insight into the unique obligations and risk levels that apply to certain industries, particularly those that are highly regulated. We work with clients and their legal teams to draft data breach notices that are timely, cost-effective and appropriate to the specific audience and the sensitivity of the data involved.

In cases where sending notification letters is not feasible or appropriate, Kroll offers alternative notification methods. Working with an organisation’s legal counsel, PR agency/communications staff or other members of their response team, we can facilitate the distribution of notices via email or public notifications when contact information is not known or the affected population is too large for print notification. Kroll can also create customised FAQ documents in multiple languages or set up a notification-specific microsite to facilitate notice to the public and, where appropriate, assist with enrollment in monitoring services.

Case Study – Global Agile Notification Response for Unprecedented Data Exposure

When a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company experienced a data breach that affected hundreds of millions of people across 56 countries and regions, Kroll’s cross-functional response team was onsite within 14 hours of the first call with the client. Over the course of a condensed 10-day timeline, our team launched a comprehensive response, including:

  • A follow-the-sun operational strategy to ensure continuous support across multiple time zones while continually refining the response
  • Coordinated planning and response activities with the client's teams and external stakeholders
  • A global communications strategy, featuring 55 toll-free numbers and call centres staffed by over 1,300 trained representatives in North America and other international locations, providing live, localised support in 14 languages
  • Drafting 21 separate FAQ pages in 14 in languages.
  • Regular progress updates and multiple communications a day with client's internal and external response teams to support agile decision-making
  • Complete details of how Kroll successfully managed this complex, multijurisdictional incident available upon request.
Kroll Breach Notification and Identity Monitoring
Kroll Breach Notification and Identity Monitoring

Below are a few selections of the notification and identity monitoring services from our team:

  • Data Breach Notification
    Kroll has extensive experience helping clients notify customers affected by data breaches of all sizes, from small-scale incidents to complex data exposures affecting millions of individuals across multiple regions, languages and time zones. Our seasoned experts have unmatched experience in rapid data cleansing, eliminating duplicate names, standardising addresses, sorting special populations and managing returned mail. Our services help organisations minimise renotification, control costs, and demonstrate due diligence in meeting regulatory requirements and legal obligations.
  • Call Centre Services
    In most cases, Kroll can establish a fully operational call centre within four hours of engagement. A professional and multilingual customer support team will be on hand to provide support to impacted individuals. Our team is trained to handle difficult questions and provide a wide range of services to the breached population. Working with Kroll, companies do not need to scramble to assemble and train their own customer support teams or redirect internal resources to handle incoming questions and concerns.
  • Identity Theft Restoration and Consultation
    For individuals affected by a data breach, Kroll provides both consultation and identity theft restoration services. Kroll’s experts can provide education, best practices, and confirmation of suspected identity theft. In instances of confirmed theft or fraud, our team of experienced investigators will work each case through full restoration.
  • Credit and Identity Monitoring
    Kroll’s team provides credit and identity monitoring services to alert affected individuals if suspicious activities are reported, including credit inquiries, new accounts, negative notices, public records, changes of address, or if their personal information is found on the dark web.

Kroll’s Cyber Risk team offers many additional solutions to assist in the aftermath of a data breach. Please check the links on this page to learn more. You can also speak with an expert today on our 24x7 cyber incident hotlines or fill in the inquiry form on our contact page and we will respond to you soon.

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