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Stop cyberattacks. Kroll’s managed detection and response services are powered by an elite team of seasoned cyber risk experts and frontline threat intelligence to deliver unrivaled response.
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24/7 Threat Detection and Complete Response

Kroll Responder is a managed detection and response (MDR) service that offers 24/7 security monitoring to help our clients identify, contain and eradicate potential threats.  

With Kroll Responder, a client’s in-house security team will have access to larger team of experts recognising real threats and neutralising them before they cause harm. Our MDR service provides early insight into targeted threats and a complete response plan to contain and eliminate threats across an organisation's digital estate.

Stop Cyberattacks With Unrivaled Managed Detection and Response


Average Rate of Noise Reduction From Events to Incidents


Reduction in Mean Time to Respond

7+ Hour

Time Saved to Collect Wider Forensic Artifacts Using Our KAPE Tool

$1 Million

Complimentary Incident Protection Warranty

Kroll Responder MDR: In Tune with Your Organisation

Our Complete Response Now With a Complimentary $1 Million Warranty!

  • Available for all Kroll Responder clients utilising the Redscan platform with endpoint protection
  • New and existing clients can both benefit
  • Vendor agnostic hardware requirements

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Mature Your Security with Proactive Hunting and Rapid Response

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Telemetry & Intelligence

Telemetry is collected from across your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments, ingested into the Redscan platform - our centralised, tech-agnostic virtual interface – and enriched with the latest threat intelligence.

Detection & Triage

Our custom-built detections and watchlists generate high-fidelity alerts that are grouped together to create ‘Incidents’.

Investigation & Hunting

Cases and triaged, incidents are investigated by our 24/7 Security Operations team, using initial findings to hunt deeper before escalating high severity incidents to our elite Incident Response team.

Containment & Remediation

Automated response playbooks are enhanced with robust remediation to disrupt, contain, and eradicate threats before they cause costly damages.


Why Choose Kroll Responder MDR?

Unrivaled Threat Detection Fueled by the Largest Database of Live Breach Intelligence

Having the largest IR market share means Kroll also has access to the largest pool of data breach intelligence anywhere in the world. We combine data gathered from the thousands of IR investigations we conduct each year with intelligence obtained from our offensive and managed security engagements, the dark web, external partners, and open-source research, to update our threat detections in near real-time.

An MDR Service With ‘Complete Response’

The “response” offered by most MDR providers usually stops at simply containing a threat, leaving customers to remediate it on their own. At Kroll, we provide service through the entire life cycle of a cyber threat, removing persistence, scrubbing malware, and assisting through the recovery and remediation process. Kroll Responder uses the same IR team that conducts thousands of high-profile data breach investigations every year. We extend that service to MDR clients, which gives them the value of remote digital forensics and IR with no added cost.

Unrivaled Response Fueled by Remote Live Forensics

Regardless of where a threat appears in a client’s system, Kroll’s seasoned IR investigators, using proprietary digital forensics technology like KAPE, can get to the bottom of it. At no additional cost, our team can:

  • Collect forensic evidence from all devices and locations using proprietary tools
  • Enhance our findings with unmatched threat intelligence gathered from thousands of IR cases
  • Write customised scripts to remove malicious software and eliminate persistence
  • Reverse engineer suspicious malware
  • Validate threat remediation and "clean" status for any impacted systems 

Threat Management via the Redscan Platform

Kroll Responder is powered by the Redscan platform, which acts as a virtual interface between our analysts and a client’s security team, ensuring complete transparency across the board.

The Redscan platform can act as a single pane of glass for security incidents and alerts. To do so, it ingests telemetry from a range of endpoint sensors while also monitoring current and legacy version of Windows, MacOS, and Linux in addition to network devices and cloud platforms. Using these resources, we can expand our clients’ endpoint, network, and cloud monitoring capabilities to a standard that allows for swift detection and response to cyber threats targeting any infrastructure, service or applications.

Enriched MDR for Microsoft Security

With Kroll Responder, organisations currently enrolled in Microsoft solutions – including Defender, Azure Sentinel, and M365 – can access enriched telemetry, frontline threat intelligence, and Kroll’s entire IR suite of services.

Augment Your Security Operations with 24x7 Hunting and Response 
  • We Detect.
    Sending rich telemetry through our sophisticated detection and triage engine offers enhanced visibility and proactive hunting. 
  • We Hunt. 
    Potential threats and IOCs are triaged by our investigators, who will go live into the client’s system to validate threats and determine root causes.
  • We Contain.
    Our team can isolate any compromised endpoints, update WAFs and firewalls, and interface with authentication platforms to halt and limit the potential spread of any attacks, revoking access to compromised systems and guiding the client through the process.
  • We Remediate.
    Once a threat is contained, our team will scrub any malware or bad actors to secure system endpoints and exterminate any residual threats. With our expertise in risk management, we can also support executive-level communications, regulatory and customer notification, and litigation support.
  • We Optimise. 
    Even after a successful incident respond, our experts continue to advise clients on additional steps to shore up their systems against future attacks. With our rich consulting expertise, we can also assist with larger assessments, overall cyber risk governance improvements, or even act as an organisation’s virtual CISO.


360-Degree Visibility to See and Stop Hidden Threats

Even when our client’s security team is off the clock, Kroll’s team is still working in the background, offering extensive visibility and the support of elite investigators with unsurpassed frontline expertise gathered from responding to thousands of cyber incidents every year.

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Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Kroll’s elite security leaders deliver rapid responses for over 3,000 incidents per year, with the resources and expertise to support the entire incident lifecycle, including litigation demands.

24x7 Incident Response

Activate experienced, local cyber incident response specialists to quickly investigate and eradicate any type of threat, incident, or data breach.

Computer & Digital Forensics

Kroll’s team of computer forensics experts can assist at any stage of an investigation or litigation to ensure no digital evidence is overlooked, regardless of the number or location of data sources.

Cyber Risk and Incident Response Retainers

Kroll goes beyond the typical incident response retainer—we offer clients a true cyber risk retainer to provide elite digital forensics, incident response, and proactive security capabilities with maximum flexibility.

Cyber Litigation Support

Whether responding to a security incident, forensic discovery demand, or an investigation, Kroll’s experienced forensic experts provide unmatched litigation support to help clients win cases and mitigate their losses.

Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

Kroll’s cyber risk experts can effectively determine whether data was compromised and to what extent. By gathering and uncovering actionable information, we leave our clients are better prepared to manage future incidents.

Insider Threat Investigations

Confidentially investigate cases of employee and third-party misconduct, including malicious and negligent digital activities.