Insider Threat Investigations

Do you suspect insider threats acting within your organisation? Investigate cases of employee and third-party misconduct confidentially, including malicious and negligent digital activities.
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Cyber incidents involving insider threats include negligent or malicious employee and third-party misconduct resulting in data leaks, intellectual property theft, fraud and more.

On suspicion of such activity, organisations require highly skilled digital forensics and corporate investigation experts to investigate the incident thoroughly and confidentially, giving decision-makers the evidence they need to appropriately address the situation.

Kroll insider threat investigators include members from various law enforcement and digital forensic backgrounds with a diverse range of experience in conducting insider threat investigations—including carrying out search-and-seizure Anton Piller orders on client and third-party premises, as may be required.

Do you suspect insider threats acting within your organisation? Kroll can help now.

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Common Insider Threat Investigations

Data Leaks and Email Tracing

Misdirected emails, misconfigured databases, credential leaks and more can lead to the disclosure or exfiltration of your organisation’s most sensitive data—including that of your employees and customers. Kroll’s digital forensics investigators can follow the digital trails to determine the scope and source of the leak, including those responsible, both negligent and malicious. 

Fraud, Corruption and Bribery Investigations

Many jurisdictions strictly legislate against bribery and corruption, including actions taken to improperly influence the actions of another party or the abuse of public or private office for personal gain. An allegation or suspicion of such activity must be investigated independently. Kroll’s insider threat investigators have experience handling many such investigations, delivering comprehensive, unbiased and confidential reports.

Intellectual Property Theft Investigations

Whether pursuing targeted attempts at corporate and industrial espionage or data exfiltration by a departing employee, malicious actors often steal proprietary information for their own use or sale to competitors. Our experts gather evidence from employee devices, servers and cloud storage to identify what intellectual property may have been stolen, how and by whom.

Insider Trading Investigations

Issues regarding insider trading can be difficult to detect, and regulated industries require independent investigations. Our digital forensics experts investigate digital communications and devices to verify the existence of such activity and identify guilty

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Incident Response Plan Development

Today, you learn your company is experiencing a serious cyber incident. It could be a ransomware attack, a hacked O365 email account, the theft of PII or PHI, data exposure from misconfigured network settings. What is the first step you should take?

Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

Kroll’s field-proven incident response tabletop exercises provide a customised test of every aspect of an organisation’s cyber response plan.

Optimised Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Programmes

Manage risk, not spreadsheets. Identify and address cyber threats in third-party relationships to ensure compliance with regulations such as NYDFS, FARS, GDPR, etc.

Third Party Cyber Audits and Reviews

Kroll’s cyber audits and reviews ensure third parties handle sensitive data according to regulatory guidelines and industry standards.

FAST Attack Simulation

Safely perform attacks on your production environment to test your security technology and processes.

Virtual CISO (vCISO) Advisory Services

Kroll’s Virtual CISO (vCISO) services help an organisation’s executives and data security teams safeguard information assets while providing augmented cyber expertise to support and secure business operations, reduce risk, and signal to stakeholders a commitment to data security.