Virtual CISO (vCISO) Advisory Services

Kroll’s vCISO consulting services help executives, security and technology teams safeguard information assets while supporting overall business operations.
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Irrespective of regulatory scrutiny in your industry or organisation, too much is at stake to not have a CISO. A security leader has the specialised technical knowledge and corporate governance experience to help build a strong cyber security foundation and the agility to prevent, detect and mitigate evolving threats while enhancing the “security IQ” of your entire organisation.

Kroll’s team of experts includes seasoned former CISOs from a variety of industries who can strengthen your existing staff, set strategic objectives to support business-critical technology demands and balance IT administration, as well as establish clear communication with the board of directors, investors and government agencies.

Whether you are looking for an interim CISO, a resource to support your CISO or a longer-term arrangement, Kroll’s Virtual CISO Advisory Services provide the leadership you need, when you need it.

You can rely on a vCISO from Kroll to have the technical expertise, business acumen and communication skills to make an immediate difference. Our experts have served in a broad range of industries for companies of various sizes and will know how to align information security strategies with your company’s unique needs and challenges. Services and offerings include:

  • Setting or directing privacy and security policies, standards, procedures and guidelines
  • Managing and directing information security teams
  • Engaging with executive management
  • Running risk assessments on operational security
  • Providing threat intelligence and manage enterprise security
  • Crisis management

Virtual CISO

Sample high-level security strategy outline

Kroll’s Virtual CISO Advisory Services Help You Prepare, Protect and Strengthen Defenses

We customise our vCISO Advisory Services to meet the unique data security needs of each organisation. While we offer several options for the scope and length of services, most organisations see the benefit of having a vCISO in four main areas:

Strategy Definition

Working with executives across business function and IT, Kroll's vCISOs help identify potential threats, assess the current data security program, and define a security strategy that aligns with the organization’s business objectives and established technology plans.

Our phased approach helps to ensure the development of a competent and cost-efficient strategy that follows NIST 800-53 standards and can mapped to multiple local, regional and international cyber regulations such as Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) including the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Technology Risk Management Guidelines (MAS TRM); Hong Kong’s Personal Data Privacy Ordinance (PDPO); and Bank Negara of Malaysia’s Risk Management in Technology policy (RMIT), among others.

Strategic Virtual CISO Services & Interim CISO



Kroll's vCISO evaluates a company’s culture, processes, and technologies from a security governance perspective to identify prioritised actions that will help clients better manage their information security strategy and program.

The assessments may include:

  • Interviews with stakeholders across the technical, business, and executive teams, and gathering documentation
  • Robust evaluations in key areas, including information asset management, acceptable use policies, data classification, threat and vulnerability monitoring, and third-party management


Based on the assessment results, Kroll's vCISO can provide clients with a wide range of support at varying levels, including: 

  • Formulating policies and procedures to close documentation gaps
  • Establishing a remediation plan with actionable and prioritised recommendations
  • Executing the remediation plan
  • Providing ongoing strategic guidance to support clients in maintaining long-term goals with progressively less intensive support


Security awareness is critical to maintaining a robust program. Kroll’s vCISO can advise and help implement training on a range of topics for all user groups within the organisation. Topics can range from those that are highly technical (e.g., secure coding practices) to general data handling education and preventing business email compromise. The vCISO can also supervise controlled phishing campaigns conducted by Kroll to assess the security awareness of employees.

IT Environment Security Design

For companies looking to establish a new security program from scratch, Kroll's vCISO can provide the necessary system hardening configuration guides and network designs, including multiple security protections and incident monitoring controls.

Virtual CISOs Bring Experience, Expertise, Leadership

Kroll’s vCISO Advisory Services are drawn on the experience of former CISOs from a variety of industries—from professional services firms to multinational conglomerates—and bring a valuable blend of technical, executive and organisational experience. They are among the most accomplished technical experts practicing today, with special insight into evolving threats and solutions from their work at the front lines of cyber security. Kroll’s vCISOs are supported by our global, multidisciplinary team that includes former Hong Kong Police Force, FBI, Interpol and U.S. Secret Service agents; former information technology and security executives; digital forensic scientists; intelligence analysts; and regulatory specialists from a wide variety of industries. This high-caliber team will help put your entire information security program on the maturity fast track.

Finding an experienced, well-qualified CISO in today’s competitive information security job market can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. If you need a CISO now, then this is the perfect time to consider Kroll’s Virtual CISO Advisory Services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual chief information security officer (“virtual CISO” or “vCISO”) is a specialist information security professional that organisations can call on for support with planning and executing an effective cybersecurity strategy. Virtual CISOs provide vital security experience, expertise and leadership to companies as and when they need it.

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