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Kroll Cyber Security Training and Awareness services are field-proven to help employees embrace strong data security attitudes and practices in their everyday activities.
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Too often, this turns into uninspired “check-the-box” exercises. The result? Greater exposure to security events because employees are unprepared to recognise real threats or respond to evolving tactics.

It’s time for a change—a culture change that helps employees develop a cyber security and data privacy mindset and “own” their role in keeping data safe. A new era of stronger security can start with Kroll’s Cyber Security Training and Awareness services.

Our Cyber Security Training and Awareness services are field-proven to help employees embrace strong data security attitudes and practices in their everyday activities.

Cyber Security Awareness Programmes Customised for Your Industry, Organisation and/or Stakeholder Roles

From our experience investigating thousands of cyber incidents, we have seen how virtually every security compromise can ultimately be traced to a human factor. Our findings are supported by a wide range of annual open-source surveys and reports that show employees and related third parties are responsible for 60%–90% of incidents, including those involving paper data sources and lost devices. 

Kroll’s cyber security training experts focus on the human risks most relevant to your organisation, whether they be industry-related or role-based. You can expect us to have open discussions with leaders and a cross-section of your staff about digital and physical security factors that put data at risk. In fact, this emphasis on communication is a fundamental part of our approach to building a security culture.

Kroll’s unique approach to creating a security culture taps into the expertise and insights of cyber security, marketing and communications professionals who understand the power of creative storytelling. Together with an understanding of your goals and needs, we translate our findings into engaging, influential training.  

Four Steps to Customise a Culture-Changing Cyber Security Training and Awareness Programme

  1. Understand your business strategy, key risks and current corporate culture
  2. Engage with your key user communities to confirm risk areas and brainstorm the big ideas for your programme
  3. Develop your tailored and measurable security culture programme along with messages and methods aligned to your business
  4. Provide direct or supplemental expertise to drive implementation (e.g., strategy, content development, training and coaching)


Bespoke Cyber Security Awareness Programmes for Organisations at Every Maturity Level

Whether you already have a robust security culture or want to start fresh, you’ll find what you want with Kroll’s wide range of services. Here are two of our most popular programmes:


Kroll Cyber Training and Awareness | Kick-Starter Package 

Kroll Cyber Training and Awareness | Pop-Up Health Check


Educate employees about identifying cyber threats and avoiding them

Dynamic onsite “refresher” sessions with employees to reinforce good security practices and identify problematic gaps

Delivery Mode

SCORM-compliant e-learning training modules, videos, games, etc. 
For a tailored look and to make content more relevant for employees, we can add your organisation’s logo and policy references to materials

Onsite conference-style booths setup in high-traffic areas, such as an office foyer or common workspace to generate hype and engagement

Sample Topics Covered

  • Phishing (intro)

  • Internet safety

  • Ransomware

  • Physical security

  • Password

  • Mobile devices

  • Privacy and social media

  • Personal security and privacy settings on mobile phones, tablets or laptops

  • Secure social media profiles, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat

  • Insight and takeaways to protect home networks and corporate devices used at home

  • Bring your own device (BYOD) corporate policy and awareness

  • Identifying security incidents at work, home and play


Assessment module provides metrics on completion rates, scores and areas that employees require more training, clarification, etc.

Booth visitors receive on-the-spot “diagnosis” for real-life potential issues and ways to improve cyber safety with a basic “treatment plan.”

Employees learn how easy it is to be part of a safer, security-conscious workplace, and how these skills are transferable to their personal lives

Your Kroll Cyber Security Training and Awareness Programme Can Be Customised to Include Some or All the Following Elements


  • Security culture programme

  • Executive support toolkit

  • Performance measurement and metrics

  • Resourcing augmentation

  • Coaching and mentoring


  • Activity planning

  • Phishing exercises

  • e-Learning module development (general or customised)

  • Gamified learning and development

  • Face-to-face training (technical and non-technical)


Tailored user community messaging relevant to your business, such as:

  • Directors/CXOs (understanding and accountability for security)

  • HR (security within the employee lifecycle)

  • Procurement (security related to external parties)

  • Application development (security within the software development life cycle (SDLC))

  • Infrastructure (security across the network and supporting infrastructure)

  • Service desk/center (security within the end-user environment)

Supported by a variety of materials developed under your brand guidelines:

  • Email templates

  • Intranet input

  • Brochures

  • News articles

  • Videos

  • Infographics

  • Posters

Engage Your Teams to Foster a Strong Data Privacy and Security Culture

From strategic guidance to tactical decision-making to bringing it all together with dynamic operational activities, Kroll’s Cyber Security Training and Awareness solutions support you every step of the way. To learn what Kroll’s clients around the world are saying about the difference our training is making—and how you can achieve meaningful improvements in employee security engagement—contact one of our Cyber Security Training and Awareness experts today.

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24x7 Incident Response

Activate experienced, local cyber incident response specialists to quickly investigate and eradicate any type of threat, incident, or data breach.

Cyber Risk and Incident Response Retainers

Kroll goes beyond the typical incident response retainer—we offer clients a true cyber risk retainer to provide elite digital forensics, incident response, and proactive security capabilities with maximum flexibility.

Computer & Digital Forensics

Kroll’s team of computer forensics experts can assist at any stage of an investigation or litigation to ensure no digital evidence is overlooked, regardless of the number or location of data sources.

Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

Kroll’s cyber risk experts can effectively determine whether data was compromised and to what extent. By gathering and uncovering actionable information, we leave our clients are better prepared to manage future incidents.

Insider Threat Investigations

Confidentially investigate cases of employee and third-party misconduct, including malicious and negligent digital activities.

Cyber Litigation Support

Whether responding to a security incident, forensic discovery demand, or an investigation, Kroll’s experienced forensic experts provide unmatched litigation support to help clients win cases and mitigate their losses.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Kroll’s elite security leaders deliver rapid responses for over 3,000 incidents per year, with the resources and expertise to support the entire incident lifecycle, including litigation demands.