Penetration Testing Services

Kroll’s experts will rigorously test your cyber defenses against real-world threats. Our world-class penetration testing services combine our team’s unparalleled experience and expertise with the latest front-line threat intelligence to provide a sophisticated and scalable approach that can assess the strengths and weaknesses of any system.
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Penetration testing, or pen testing, is a common strategy assessors use to investigate and remediate data system vulnerabilities. Our testers simulate attacks using the same tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) exploited by real-world cyber attackers. With regular pen testing, an organisation can identify and address weaknesses in their networks or applications before an attack takes place and significantly reduce their cyber risk.

How Pen Testing Benefits Your Business

Remediate Vulnerabilities Before an Attack Occurs
Demonstrate Compliance
Validate Your Existing Security Controls
Identify Areas for Future Security Investments

Sophisticated and Scalable: Kroll’s Unique and Comprehensive Approach to Pen Testing

Kroll’s Cyber Risk team has the knowledge and experience needed to handle the most complex, large-scale pen testing engagements. Our testing services have been utilised by some of the world’s largest companies in a wide range of industries, from media and entertainment to critical infrastructure.

At the same time, our sophisticated approach – which includes an in-house team of experts providing the necessary structure and management background – can be scaled and adapted to meet the unique needs of any organisation.

The insights gained from responding to thousands of cyber incidents every year give us a unique pen testing advantage, feeding our certified cyber experts the necessary information to ensure our tests address the most up-to-date methods used by attackers in the real world.

Certified to the Highest Global Industry Standards

Kroll’s Six-phase Penetration Testing Approach

Scoping Your Pen Testing Project

A successful penetration testing engagement starts by establishing clear objectives for the assessment. Our experts work with a client's team to identify the type of testing required and define the assets to be included in the scope of the test.

Reconnaissance and Intelligence Gathering

Kroll collects and analyses publicly accessible information about a client's company and personnel, including public websites, social media, domain registries, and dark web data that could pose a risk to the organisation.

Scanning and Vulnerability Analysis

Our experts thoroughly assess the network infrastructure and applications to get a comprehensive understanding of the client's attack surface.

Threat Modeling Exercise

With the information collected, Kroll’s specialists identify potential attack vectors and vulnerabilities to exploit and then and create a plan for testing.

Attack Execution

Our team of cyber investigators carry out simulated attacks on identified vulnerabilities, employing methods used by real-life malicious actors.

Reporting and Advisory

We present a final report outlining our testing actions - including details on any vulnerabilities we found - and providing recommendations for effectively mitigating those risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, describes the assessment of computer networks, systems, and applications to identify and address security weaknesses affecting computer networks, systems, applications and websites. Some vulnerabilities can’t be detected by automated software tools. Penetration testing is a form of ethical cyber security assessment which ensures that any weaknesses discovered can be addressed in order to mitigate the risks of an attack. It is recommended that all organisations commission security testing at least once per year, with additional assessments following significant changes to infrastructure, as well as prior to product launches, mergers or acquisitions.

Kroll Responder MDR

Stop cyberattacks. Kroll’s managed detection and response services are powered by an elite team of seasoned cyber risk experts and frontline threat intelligence to deliver unrivaled response. 

Incident Response Plan Development

Today, you learn your company is experiencing a serious cyber incident. It could be a ransomware attack, a hacked O365 email account, the theft of PII or PHI, data exposure from misconfigured network settings. What is the first step you should take?

Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

Kroll’s field-proven incident response tabletop exercises provide a customised test of every aspect of an organisation’s cyber response plan.

Optimised Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Programmes

Manage risk, not spreadsheets. Identify and address cyber threats in third-party relationships to ensure compliance with regulations such as NYDFS, FARS, GDPR, etc.

Third Party Cyber Audits and Reviews

Kroll’s cyber audits and reviews ensure third parties handle sensitive data according to regulatory guidelines and industry standards.

FAST Attack Simulation

Safely perform attacks on your production environment to test your security technology and processes.