FAST Attack Simulation

Have your system controls been tested? Are they working as you expect? Do you know if they are tuned to alert on today’s attack patterns? Kroll’s FAST Attack Simulations combine our unrivaled incident forensics experience with leading security frameworks to bring customized simulations to your own environment.
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Combining Industry Best Practice with Unmatched Expertise

Kroll utilises extensive incident response and proactive testing expertise to tailor a FAST Attack Simulation to match the unique threats and challenges of individual organisations. With a thorough understanding of the industry, market and geographic factors that can affect a company’s threat landscape, our experts craft attack simulations to prepare our clients’ systems and personnel to respond to likely threats. Combined with any specific needs of an individual client, Kroll will layer industry standards (MITRE ATT&CK) and years of experience to help test an organisation’s ability to detect and respond to indicators throughout the kill chain. 

Kroll’s FAST Philosophy for Attack Simulation


A Tailored Exercise That Meets Your Needs


Measured Adherence to Your Security Standards


Scripted Attack Methods From Trusted Advisors


Trackable Progress Through Repeatable Playbooks

Kroll’s custom designed simulations can and should be regularly employed to test configuration changes, assess response readiness and gauge compliance with internal security protocols. With the help of our proprietary FAST simulation platform, Kroll’s experts can help clients draw meaningful conclusions so they can identify and prioritise next steps for their security teams.  

FAST Attack Simulation

Optimise Security Spending

When security budgets are exhausted and resources are scarce, exercises that prove the effectiveness of existing tools can demonstrate the value added by previous data security investments.

Right-Size for Risk Appetite 

When company’s board members, executives and security leaders consider cybersecurity risk management, balancing speed, innovation and security becomes essential.

Kroll's FAST Attack Simulations help clients align those considerations with their risk tolerance by ensuring certain intrusion tactics can be detected and mitigated.

Improve Security Posture

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, shifting and reshaping an organisation’s exposure every single day. Kroll designs and executes simulations to address common and emerging threats as well as those that specifically target a client’s demographics. Performing customised attack simulations on a regular basis helps companies track the progress of their security posture over time.

Improve Security Operations 

Daily configuration changes, employee training and outdated processes can all have a negative impact on an organisation’s data security. Kroll's FAST Attack Simulations test each of these elements by exposing systems and teams to realistic attack scenarios in their own environment, with the actual tools and resources they have in place.

Kroll’s FAST Attack Simulations combine the power of proprietary technology with our Cyber Risk team’s unmatched experience to provide practical recommendations to help clients fill the gaps in their data security systems. The simulations are designed to be highly trackable and repeatable, so they can be a valuable resource helping companies maintain their security posture even as their environment and the overall threat landscape are constantly changing.

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