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At Kroll, we are committed to turning ailing businesses around.

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Our team of experts will always strive to find the most innovative and practical solution to resolve issues affecting business performance and we have worked on some of the most challenging turnaround and crisis management situations. Discrete and determined, we work with under-performing businesses to restructure them and maintain enterprise value.

Our drive to improving business performance is at the heart of our service offering and we are committed to supporting the Rescue Culture adopted by all responsible lenders and corporate recovery professionals. This means that we aim to help our clients implement change early enough to prevent their businesses from having to face insolvency. And when it is too late to restructure or rescue a business, we have established relationships with a wide range of banks, asset based lender and business angels through which we can source rescue funding to either support the troubled business or find a business under new ownership.

This flexibility fuels our relationship with the finance providers too, and in particular, asset based lending and factoring companies, who value our swift, professional advice, sound business judgement and rational, friendly approach. Because we understand completely the pressures and intricacies of their business, we are well-placed to not only offer advice and assessments addressing the viability of specific funding proposals, but also to ensure the effective recovery of monies in formal insolvency situations.

Furthermore, we have extensive experience in fraud investigation and use some of the industry's most sophisticated techniques for identifying fraud. Indeed, our broad-based experience across a wide range of business sectors underpins our leading-edge capabilities in this, and every aspect of our work.

Who Are Our Customers?

Focused primarily on the midmarket sector, we provide turnaround, restructuring and insolvency services of outstanding quality to:

  • Banks
  • Lenders
  • Business owners
  • Company directors
  • Private individuals

What Services Do We Provide?

  • Our wide range of services include:
  • Corporate recovery and turnaround
  • Improving business performance
  • Analysis, advice and recommendations for lenders
  • Fraud investigations

Why Choose This Service?

  • We are agile, responsive and flexible
  • We take speedy ownership of a problem and deliver effective solutions
  • We preserve value for all stakeholders
  • We are approachable, accessible and professional
  • We develop and maintain strong client relationships
  • All our services are partner-led
  • We are prepared to go that extra mile to build trust and respect among our clients, peers and the corporate community
Irish Restaurant and Hospitality Business Sentiment Survey – 2023 Edition

Irish Restaurant and Hospitality Business Sentiment Survey – 2023 Edition

Kroll, in association with the Restaurants Association of Ireland, recently concluded a survey on the 2023 business sentiment for Ireland’s hospitality sector.

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Irish Restaurant and Hospitality Business Sentiment Survey – 2023 Edition

Explore areas we can helpStay Ahead with Kroll

Business Advisory

Business Advisory

Kroll's Business Advisory team aims to help directors, lenders and stakeholders maximize value by providing hands-on practical turnaround guidance and support.

Debt Advisory

Debt Advisory

Kroll Debt Advisory works in partnership with corporate clients and their stakeholders to ensure the most effective and appropriate funding solutions are in place. We aim to become the 'trusted advisor' to clients and lenders alike.



Examinerships are a key option for businesses that are under pressure due to their overall liabilities, whether to banks, the Revenue Commissioners or general creditors. They allow the company to explore all possibilities for survival.

Schemes of Arrangement

Schemes of Arrangement

In an ideal scenario, businesses can reorganize themselves through voluntary agreements and re-negotiations with creditors. When this is not possible, schemes of arrangements can be used as an independent process to maintain business and continue trading.

Insolvency Services

Insolvency Services

At Kroll, we believe relationships are an extremely important element in achieving a successful outcome to a receivership. We respond to our clients’ organizational style and we understand the commercial challenges that they face.

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