Cross Border and Contentious Insolvency

Even simple, amicable insolvencies are challenging. They become exponentially more complicated when they span multiple jurisdictions, involve suspected fraud and misconduct or consistent of complicated capital structures. In difficult situations, companies, creditors and investors need an experienced and independent fiduciary to identify and deliver solutions.

Kroll helps clients navigate cross-border and contentious insolvencies while maximizing value to constituents. Our multi-disciplinary team is in 30 countries worldwide, including key global financial centers, and understands local laws and regulations.

We recognize the challenges that can arise from changing market conditions, competing interests within management, unforeseen events, fraudulent activity or mismanagement. When such situations present themselves, decision-makers must proactively implement the available remedies, with the assistance of experienced professionals, while also weighing the interests of creditors, investors, regulators and fiduciaries.

Insolvency and Restructuring Expertise
  • Liquidations (court-appointed, provisional or voluntary) and administration
  • Receiverships/controllerships
  • Investigative receiverships
  • Trustee or examiner in bankruptcy
  • Controlled wind-downs/solvent liquidations
  • Liquidating trusts
  • Disinterested directors
  • Independent Chief Restructuring Officers
  • Monitoring accountants
  • Financial advisor to fiduciaries
  • Asset realizations and sales mandates
  • Distressed/illiquid investment management service


Forensic Tools
  • Data capture and preservation
  • Data hosting, analysis and triage review
  • Corporate and personal intelligence
  • Asset tracing and recovery operations
  • Forensic accounting investigations
  • Data analytics
  • Solvency (fraudulent conveyance) litigation and avoidance actions
  • Allocation and flow of value

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Insolvency Advice

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